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Advice on choosing your hippy outfit

The majority of fancy dress outfits come complete with a CND peace medallion necklace and a headband. However, many do not include other extras such as round sunglasses (teashades) and a wig. The costume set on the left (from Amazon) includes a wig, shades, moustache, headband and belt, but does not include the medallion or sandals.

Images often contain items that are not included, which is a little misleading, but pretty widespread in the fancy dress world. We advise you to always double check the description to make sure it includes everything you require.

Creating an authentic hippy look

Clothing should be loose-fitting and ideally made from natural materials such as cotton and hemp, and preferably handmade. Choose psychedelic, swirly patterns, tie dye, paisley and busy floral prints. Grandad and Dashiki shirts were popular.

Ladies should wear a long peasant dress, bohemian/gypsy skirt or a mini skirt - the latter became hugely popular during the 60s. The shorter length skirts and dresses found their way into the more mainstream hippy fashions, and these were accompanied by knee-length gogoboots or sandals. For both men and women, choose psychedelic swirly patterns, tie dye, paisley, stripes, native american and african tribal and floral prints. Hippie girls often wore real flowers in their hair (such as daisy chains) and also ribbons. They would also sew flower patches onto their skirts or  jeans. In warmer climes, females preferred to go barefoot and would often wear ankle bracelets. Hippies often had flowers painted onto their skin, or even flower tattoos, and you can buy temporary tattoos to achieve this look.

Love beads (a long string of beads worn around the neck) and peace signs were popular, particularly CND medallion necklaces. Men often wore long beards, and the beard and sandals look is now seen as amusing to mimic for fancy dress purposes. The term "beard and sandals" is now often used to pour scorn on political parties and leaders who have what is viewed as unrealistic idealism.

Fringes became very popular in the 60s, and were seen on skirts, shirts and waistcoats. Indeed, some of you may remember the model Twiggy embracing this look as it became more mainstream. Leather waistcoats with fringes were very popular.

Mainstream hippy fashion was still popular in the early 1970s, but very quickly lost its popularity. Flared trousers remained popular until around 1978, when punk fashion and skin tight jeans became popular.  

Most Popular Hippy Costumes

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