Hi there. I'm Mark Nobes, the owner of hippyfancydress.co.uk. I am a huge fan of everything retro, from the 1960s to the 90s. I also run the 1980s themed website SimplyEighties.com which went online back in 2009 - check it out sometime!

So what was your first experience of the hippy movement? Maybe you went to one of the many Summer of Love gatherings in 1967? Perhaps you went to the Woodstock festival in 1969? You may also remember watching Sid James and co at the end of Carry On Camping when a group of hippies took over the field for an all night rave!  

Maybe you're way too young to remember any of it? It matters not, because anyone is welcome here to have fun browsing through the many costumes and accessories. The idea of the site is to bring you every available hippie outfit from leading fancy dress suppliers on the web - all in one place!

Hippy Penguin

Cosmic the hippy penguin