Hippy Glasses and Sunglasses

Yellow, Green and Blue Teashades

Round, wireframe glasses (known as teashades) became very popular in the 1960s and 70s and are strongly associated with the hippy movement. The most famous celebrities to wear them were John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. For fancy dress purposes they can be bought very cheaply from Amazon and leading fancy dress stores, although they are not designed to be worn as eye protection or for everyday use.

You may decide to spend a little more on a a more sturdy pair of teashades with UV400 protection that can be worn as a cool, retro fashion accessory. They come in a range of colours, and for a hippy look go for pink, blue, green or yellow.

The following hippy shades are very low cost and ideal for fancy dress. You will also see heart-shaped shades which also became popular with ladies in the 60s. Others designs include the CND peace logo and flower power.

John Lennon Give Peace a Chance Poster

Lennon Specs: Pink Lenses for Party FavourASVP Shop® Vintage Retro Round Sunglasses Cyber Goggles Steampunk Punk HippyRound Orange Lense Glasses John Lennon 70S Hippy Dude Ozzy Osbourne Fancy DressHippie Glasses (BLUE)Zac's Alter Ego� Fancy Dress Instant Hippie KitLaugh And Confetti – fiehip026 Accessory for Fancy Dress Accessory Set – Hippie Glasses + Pendant Set with HeadbandRound Black Sunglasses Glasses Beattles John Lennon Fancy DressBright Coloured Hippie GlassesLennon Specs: Red Lenses for Party FavourFancy Dress Accessory Heart Shaped Hippy SpecsMen Womens Round Hippy Hippie 60s 70s John Lennon Ozzy Metal Glasses Fancy Dress GREENRound Lennon Glasses Steampunk Sunglasses 50s Cyber Goggles Vintage Retro Style Hippy Ganja Weed Leaf (Blue mirror) MFAZ Morefaz LtdBlue - Hippie Headband & Blue Glasses Kit Mens Ladies Unisex Fancy Dress 60s 70s Hippy Kit NecklaceSunglasses. Sunflower. MultiRainbow Peace Glasses


For round specs with clear lenses, we suggest searching for Granny Glasses or John Lennon Specs. You will find a number of suppliers selling these at Amazon at very low cost. Again, these are designed purely for adding to a costume.

Round John Lennon Clear Granny Glasses

This pair of clear lens unisex glasses by Littleduckling has been a best-seller on Amazon and highly-rated by customers. There are four different designs and the price is surprisingly low.